Cross section diverter

The NDW CSD can be used for a wide variety of uses. For example sorting packages, combining flows or splitting them. Due to its new design it can easily be implemented in any current or new system, with more freedom for adaptations and easier maintenance.


  • Build-in height: 213 mm
  • Up to 1000 packs p/h depending of product size
  • Availlable lenghts: 550 (min) / 850 (max) mm 
  • Availlable widths: 500 (min) / 750 (max) mm  
  • Min. product weight: 50 gr.
  • Max. product weight: 30 Kg.
  • 24V logic and drive system
  • Lightweight robust aluminium construction

Cross Section diverter
Cross Section diverter
Cross Section diverter