BP 120 RTE

Product is no longer available!

The BP120 IP65 controller is designed to drive two NDW E-rollers. Thanks to its two integrated sensor connections and is suitable for a large range of intralogistics applications. Thanks to its integrated transformer it can immediately be switched to 230v and is therefore the ultimate plug and play solution for more demanding environmental applications.


Technical data
Input Voltage 110 – 240 VAC (Integrated PSU to 24 VDC)
Input Frequency 47 – 63 Hz
Supply Current (Max. Load) 230 VAC
0.6 A (1 unit = 2 motors)(1)
6.3 A max allowed (10 units in series)(2)(3)
110 VAC
1.2 A (1 unit = 2 motors)(1)
6.3 A max allowed (5 units in series)(2)(3)
Output Voltage to E-roller 24 VDC
Power consumption (Max. Load) 120 W(4)
Number of E-roller connections 2
Series connection – Power 10 units max. (5 units at 110 VAC)
Series connection – E-stop Complete chain can be max. 150 m (min. 0,25 mm2 wire)
Protection Rate IP54 by default. IP65 is available on request.
When connectors are not mated, protection caps should be used to obtain an IP65 rating. Protection caps are not included.
Ambient temperature in operation  0 °C to +40 °C, non-condensing
Compatible NDW E-rollers ER-Series: 30, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800 and 1200 RPM
Speed and direction control Via Graphical UI (Stand-alone), Confi gurable I/O or Real-Time Ethernet (PLC)
Supported RTE protocols PROFINET
Integrated Logic Zero Pressure Accumulation
Grouping of packages
Single or train release
Adjustable timers and delays to optimize the ZPA process
Stall protection for E-roller Yes
Overvoltage protection for E-roller Yes
Configurable I/O 8
I/O Connector – 24V Output Current Max. 100mA
I/O Connector – 24V Output This is an output, not to be connected to an external power supply. Do not daisy-chain the I/O connector to the neighbour NDW controller.
Input Compatibility PNP or NPN (configurable in settings)
Output Signal Current Max. 10 mA sink/source
Signaling Graphical UI
Configurable I/O LEDs (Green)
Ethernet LEDs
Real-Time Ethernet LEDs
Dimensions 355 x 69.30 x 37.50 mm
Max installation height 1000 m

1. A short current spike can occur at start-up of the E-Roller (<40 ms).
2. Each chain of controllers must be protected with an external breaker (Max. 10A, class C).
3. When chaining 3 or more controllers, implement an inrush current limiter between the breaker and the fi rst controller in the chain.
4. Actual power consumption depends on the application conditions, such as actual load, section length, slope etc.